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We parter with Cadex Electronic, Canada for the Supply of state of an art Battery Analyzers. ABOUT CADEX

For over 35 years, Cadex Electronics has been at the leading edge of battery technology. Serving customers in over 100 countries globally, our world-class team empowers local and global clients in getting the most out of their mobile power applications, from Battery to Charging and Lifecycle management technologies. With Headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and a presence in the USA and Germany, we strive to help the world reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. For more information, please visit, or visit our knowledge portal at


Range of Products

Cadex Offers model’s based on the Type of Usage,  Battery Chemistry it can work upon, For genenral usage.
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Mobile Battery Testing

More consumers use retail stores to solve their service problems and power demands of today’s multi-tasking devices are outstripping the ability of their batteries to deliver

Automative Battery Testing

Other testers measure Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) to tell you if the battery will start your car or truck today. But what about tomorrow?

Only by looking at its capacity will you know if your battery is still healthy enough to continue its job.