Electrical Safety Tester

Electrical Safety Tester

There are a wide range of electrical safety testing, industrial compliance

A comprehensive range of rugged and robust resistance measuring instruments extend from hand-held and portable units to benchtop testers. To meet these needs, Seaward provides a range of high specification industrial safety test and measurement equipment that combines innovation and high quality with consistent and reliable performance with remote control options.

Safety Testing

Seaward’s high quality electrical safety testing equipment has a worldwide reputation for technical excellence in the appliance, electrical and electronics manufacturing sectors. View the Range

Earth Bond Tester Clare B433R

The B433R is a cost effective, simple to use, rugged, earth bond test system suited to manufacturing or laboratory environments. This earth / ground bond tester can deliver a test current of 25A. View Product

Clare Safety e-Base Pro Software

A fully customisable software program designed to dramatically increase efficiency, productivity and traceability of production line testing regimes. View Product