ESD Testing & Certification

What is ESD Testing?

ESD Testing is a means to understand how, should a product cause electrostatic to build and then discharges when someone picks it up, the discharge will disrupt the electric circuitry of a device. Not only can it be harmful to the electronic product, the person that picked up the device could get hurt. ESD testing can be used to find a more reliable and less volatile components of static electricity that can be used in the design of an electronics device.

Why worry about ESD?

ESD can cause unseen damage to electronic components during manufacture of electronic assemblies and equipment. If the damaged component fails immediately, the result can be a board that fail tests and requires rework. This represents lost production and additional manufacturing costs.

Worse than this, a component may be partially damaged and weakened. It may suffer a change or drift in characteristics. It may remain within specification, but fail later when in use by a customer. It has been estimated that 90% of damaged devices may be discovered in this way. This is the most expensive type of failure