Milli/Micro Ohm Meter

Milli/Micro Ohm Meter

Seaward is a long established supplier of high quality microhmmeters and milliohmmeters for the highly accurate and precision measurement of very low resistance values.

A comprehensive range of rugged and robust resistance measuring instruments extend from hand-held and portable units to benchtop testers with remote control options.

Bench-Mounted Ohmmeters

The range of our bench-mounted ohmmeters are ideally suited for laboratory testing of samples and production line testing.

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Portable Ohmmeters

Our portable digital ohmmeters offer true portability without any sacrifice to accuracy or functionality. These ruggedly constructed instruments are ideal for use in the workshop, field or test facilities. View the Range

Ohmmeter Accessories

As part of a comprehensive range of megohmmeters, microhmmeters and milliohmmeters, Seaward provides a full range of test accessories for low resistance measurement. View the Range