Pressure & Vacuum

We Can Calibrate Following Items:

Pressure Calibrators
Pressure Indicators
Digital Manometers
Pressure/Vacuum Gauges
Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Switches

Inclined Manometer

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Differential Pressure meter

Digital Pressure Gauge

and many more.

Aragon Calibrations offer a Pressure Equipment Calibration service for all makes and models of Pressure Equipment. This includes calibration of  pressure equipment up to 1000psi , Vacuum Equipment of 900mmHgand also capable of Calibrating Absolute Pressure and Vacuum equipments.

Aragon Calibration is a DAC (17025) Accredited Lab For Pressure & Vacuum.

Our Engineers are accredited and we can calibrate many different types of pressure equipment. We will issue you with a detailed calibration certificate outlining the calibration results of your pressure equipment. All our lab certificates are traceable to national and international standards. With a delivery service available across UAE. we offer you a fast, reliable and competitive service for all your pressure equipment calibration needs.

Proper pressure calibration of today’s sophisticated test and measurement equipment is essential for preserving measurement accuracy, complying with international standards and sustaining your competitive advantage.

Sphygmomanometer DAC (17025 ) Calibration is also available.

17025 DAC Accredited lab for Pressure & Vacuum.

Quality of Calibration Service

With Aragon Calibrations you can have the confidence in using a quality approved company as we work to quality procedures in accordance to our ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate no. DAC 03 00152 ).