Solar PV Test Equipment

Solar PV Test Equipment From Seaward

The Seaward Solar range of electrical solar PV test equipment enables Photovoltaic installers to meet all testing and certification requirements of IEC 62446 safely and efficiently.

With over 75 years’ experience at the cutting edge of electrical safety testing, our expertise and innovations have produced a number of world firsts.

The market-defining range of solar PV test equipment makes meeting IEC 62446 and other PV test and documentation requirements faster, safer and easier. From solar site-survey to commissioning tests, PV system maintenance and PV system certification, Seaward Solar has it covered.

Specialised test equipment for solar PV installations has been long-anticipated within the industry so we responded by creating a range of solar pv test equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of solar installers.

Seaward Solar PV test equipment and software is designed to enable installers to:

  • test and commission PV systems correctly and comprehensively
  • identify faults within existing PV systems quickly and easily
  • ensure maximum electrical output from PV systems
  • document and record electrical test and environmental readings such as irradiance for total traceability.

Solar PV Issue 2 of Current Knowledge Available Now!

PV 200

The PV200 provides a highly efficient and effective test and diagnostic solution for PV systems, carrying out all commissioning tests required by IEC 62446:2016 and performing fast and accurate measurement of I-V curves in accordance with IEC 61829:2015.

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PV 150

The PV150 all-in-one PV installation tester makes proving the electrical integrity of a PV system faster, safer and easier than ever before.

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Irradiance Meter

These rugged handheld units not only measure irradiance, but also have a built-in inclinometer to measure roof pitch, compass to measure roof orientation and thermometer to measure ambient air and module temperature.

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The Seaward Solar range of solar PV accessories are designed to help you deal with a wide variety of different scenarios you may encounter during Solar PV testing.

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