Aragon Calibrations is ISO 17025 accredited Temperature calibration services accommodate a wide range of instruments in order to meet the crucial precision temperature measurement requirements of our customers. Our metrology labs offer secondary/industrial level thermometer calibration.

With experienced technicians and high quality assurance procedures implemented throughout the medical equipment calibration process, we are well-prepared to mitigate any issues during the calibration of Temperature & Humidity equipment.

17025 DAC Accredited lab for Temperature & Humidity

Temperature Equipment we can calibrate:

Temperature Gauges | Temperature Sensors | Glass Thermometers | Digital Thermometers | Temperature Transmitters| Temperature Dataloggers| Dry Block Temperature Calibrators| Handheld Thermometers.

Humidity Equipment we can calibrate:

ThermoHygrometers | Humidity Indicator with Sensors | Humidity Sensors | Humidity Transmitters | Thermo Hygrographs| Humidity Dataloggers| Pyrometers and Many more.

 Equipment we can do Temperature Mapping:

Oven| Incubators| Chambers | Hot Air Oven | Furnaces| Dryers| Freezers| Coolers | Autoclave| Refrigerator.

Why to Prefer Aragon Calibration ?
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DAC (17025) Accredited for Humidity Calibration

DAC(17025) Accredited Centrifuge Calibration